Proverbs 3:5

Our verse from our classroom at Timberlake Issaquah! We teach the kids one verse each month. Giana has this month’s down!

Romans 8:39

We have been taking it easy this summer with a break from school. We have been using our spare time for camping, hiking, playdates and other adventuring! We are learning Romans 8:39 in Sunday School and at home too.


Ecclesiastes 4:9

We have been learning this verse in our class at church! Rafa and I have really been enjoying teaching the 3-5 year old group during the second service. The girls have been talking about it a lot during the week.

No, I feel sorry for you!

“I feel SORRY for you!”

I was too stunned to say anything. I just stood there, gripping the little hands of the kids the lady just sneered at.

During our recent trip to Iowa, I noticed that people didn’t say anything to me about having three kids. Maybe larger families are a little more normal in the Midwest? Maybe people are nicer? In Washington, when I run errands with all three kids, I get a lot of comments. Usually it’s just a variation of “You have your hands full!” (To which I usually reply, “So is my heart!”)

But on a sidewalk in front of a stripmall Papa Murphy’s, this lady shouted it at me. Her facial expression was pure disgust. My kids were oblivious, thankfully. Lucius was perched on my hip, cooing to catch my attention and reaching for my hair. Mariel was at my side holding hands with Giana and listening to the song she was making up about sunshine.

So, random angry stranger, even though my brain didn’t work quickly enough in the moment for me to reply to you, here’s what I would say now:

I feel sorry for you, that you would speak contempt for these little ones. These kids are children of God and future world-changers.