Why I’m Marrying Him

There are about a million and one things to think of when you start to plan a wedding. Now that we’ve got the place, there are so many questions. We tried to tackle the invitations and reception decoration questions today. Adrienne came over to lend us her creative juices. We tried some fun ideas, but trip to Michael’s (then to his sister, Joanne’s) left us with more ideas of what wouldn’t work than what would.
I started letting myself get stressed out about wedding stuff. Not bridzilla, mind you…more like discouraged. I napped with Oreo, but I couldn’t quite turn off all the questions and ideas that swirled through my mind during house church.
Rafa and I talked on the phone while we were each going home. I told him about how I was just thinking a lot, how I really needed his opinion on things, how I was letting myself get weighed down by all the options…
He stopped me and I’m going to try to paraphrase what he said to me –

We’re not getting married for anyone else. We aren’t getting married to show off what great taste we have or to try to outdo every other wedding. We are the ones getting married. The reason why we’re inviting other people is because they’re our witnesses who will hold us accountable. It’s just a wedding…we’re getting married.

I. love. him. This is why I’m marrying him.

Sharing good wedding times

Today is going to be a super crazy busy day. In the midst of all of our appointments, we got to sit around and had lunch together. We also got to watch a TLC show “say yes to the dress” Its all about picking the perfect dress. Its been great peaking a Sarah’s computer and hear her thoughts a bout her dress. she rocks.

Wedding Invitation Verses

Tonight, I’ve been working on verses for our wedding invitations. I think I have a winner…

This is the day I get to marry my best friend,
The one I’ll live with, love with, laugh with.
This is the one God has given me for life,
My partner, my love, my soulmate.
Sarah Jo Reicks and
Rafael Ernesto Soriano-Jovel
Together with our parents,

Invite you to share in our joy
As we exchange wedding vows before the Lord,
And you, our witnesses, supporters and dearest friends.
Sunday, January XX, 2010

At XX:XX in the morning.
Stillwater Historic Courthouse in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Reception luncheon following the ceremony.