I think I missed out on a few weeks of verses here! Here’s Giana’s from her studies last week:

I shared some thoughts about this verse with our team that serves at the local homeless camp. It sounds kind of funny to us to celebrate that God’s word says that a generous person will prosper. It is true that we should not be doing good things so that we can prosper in some specific way, but the truth is, that when we are generous, God will prosper us – sometimes in ways we could not imagine!

God made us; he knows the areas that we need to be encouraged as we walk out our faith. This verse says to me that he does not want me to run myself ragged in service to others. When my soul is thirsty, he doesn’t want me to work harder to get water – He wants me to look to Him to quench my thirst.

Prospering in service to the Lord means growing our faith, giving us a sense of meaning and fulfillment in our service, and refilling our “cup” like nothing else can. When it says that a person who refreshes others will be refreshed, a person who serves can be excited about this.┬áIt isn’t a give-to-get situation; it is a give-and-give situation! As you give and refresh others, God will give back to you.